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Couplings - Cone Rings
The Cone Ring Coupling uses flexible elements consisting of tapered rings mounted on steel pins.   These flexible rings absorb commonly encountered misalignment, shock and vibration.  The flexible rings can be replaced by removing the pins from the coupling. Gentech manufactures these flexible rings from a high grade of Polyurethane, in either conical discs, or straight bushes.
Couplings - Coupling Bush
The function of a Bush Coupling is to transmit torque from one shaft to another in cases where limited misalignment may occur and also to absorb shock loads.
Gentech manufactures Polyurethane Bushes that fit into recesses on the one side of the Bush Coupling, whilst a high tensile steel bolt fits into the PU bush from the other side, transmitting the torque through the bolt to the machine input shaft. The Polyurethane Bush absorbs shock loads, vibrations and slight misalignment.
Couplings - Element
Couplings - H-Type
Couplings - Jurid
Couplings - Lord Coupling
Couplings - Morflex
Morflex Couplings are used where considerable misalignment may occur; couplings are torsionally flexible while compensating for misalignment. They also cushion shock loads and vibration, and Gentech manufactures these couplings from a high grade of Polyurethane.
Couplings - Other
Unique general-purpose coupling is ideal for use in industrial applications such as pumps, compressors, blowers, mixers and many other drive applications.
Couplings - Periflex
The Periflex Shaft Coupling is a highly-flexible coupling, particularly suitable to connect two shafts in diesel engine and electric drives.
Couplings - Spider Type
The Spider Coupling is made from an advanced polyurethane material, providing dampening of impulse loads, minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment. Available in two durometer hardnesses, these Spiders allow the user to customize the jaw coupling's performance.
Rollers - PU - Rollers - PU
Resistant to high pressure wear cutting and resilience is good. Application of the rollers are, conveyor rollers, mechanical drive rollers and high pressure rollers.
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