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Belzona Metal Treatment - Super Metal   View Specifications
Engineering grade repair system for repairing and rebuilding machinery and equipment.
Hydraulic Seals - Cup Seal (Metric)   View Specifications
Cup seals are one of the oldest types of piston head seal, and are renowned for their ability to perform well in arduous applications.  Easy to install, cup seals offer a long service life
and are available in a wide range of sizes.  Our polyurethane has a built-in lubricant that reduces equipment wear and therefore extends seal life.
Infeed Bands - PU - Infeed Bands
Lubricants & Greases - PS23 Anti-friction Grease
This is a blend of ultra fine metal particles in a modified grease base with special extreme pressure additives and anti-corrosion package. Ensures a unique anti-seize formulation that will not fail, even at high temperatures.
The product is suitable for all applications where extreme temperatures, chemical and damp environments are encountered. Reduces maintenance time, saves threads and parts for re-use and protects against rust and corrosion. The product is available with a copper or nickel base. In electrical applications, due to the metal base, current flow / transfer is enhanced.
Mountings - PU - Anti-vibration
These anti-vibration mountings are simple in structure and can be widely used bringing about excellent effects in prevention of vibration, shock and noise control of machinery and equipment.
Mountings - PU - Bump Stop
These Bump Stops are usually supplied in a rubber material. The rubber often absorbs oil, which results in de-bonding.
Gentech manufactures Bump Stops from a tough elastomer that is oil resistant and durable, ensuring much longer life.
Ring Creaser - PU - Ring Creaser
Rotary Joint - Rotary (Dual Flow)   View Specifications
The Johnson Fluiten and Kadant Johnson range of rotary joints provide a rotating seal between a stationary supply and a revolving roll or drum.  The Johnson Fluiten rotary joints are designed for water, steam, air and thermal oil service. The product utilizes corrosive-resistant materials such as stainless steel and brass.
The Kadant Johnson rotary joints are designed for high temperature steam and can also be used for water applications.
Scrapers - Engineering Plastic
Scrapers are important where there is a build up of sticky or muddy products on the top surface of belts.  Our Plastic and Polyurethane scraper blades are widely used.
Scrapers - PU
Seal-lon PTFE Gasketing - Seal-lon
Seal-lon is a pliable PTFE flat cord with or without adhesive backing and is used for making quick and easy gaskets and seals for flanges and covers.
Seal-lon fills voids and is effective on irregular surfaces.
Sheeting - PU - Cast 3mm thk
We process specification and commercial grades of elastomer sheet jointings.
Technical Maintenance Products - Rust Transformer
Rust Transformer.  Chemically transforms rust into rust inhibiting protective film.
Wear Strip - Wear Strip
Polyethylene wear strips are commonly used in conveyor systems and often have special shapes to clip into channels.
Wheels - PU - Non Crush Wheel
Gentech manufactures the highest quality non-marking no crush wheels that move cardboard through scoring machinery in the production of corrugated boxes. Urethanes excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, and tearing improves productivity and increases the precision and quality of scoring and creasing.
Wheels - PU - Sunfeed Wheels
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