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Insulator Hooks - Insulator Hooks
Gentech has developed a Swivel Hook Insulator specifically to be used in Automotive Body Shops to prevent steel cables (supporting spot weld equipment) from being tangled.  Our concept ensures that there is total insulation between the top and bottom hangers, thus preventing electrical shortage to buildings or equipment.
We have various concepts of hooks, eye-bolts and shackles, and two different sizes for holding different weights.
We have also developed a Swivel Conductor Hook where the customer requires conductivity/ground between the equipment and the building.  These are red in colour.
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UOF.0500HCLI INSULATOR HEXAGON CHAIN LINK login to view prices or request a quote  
UOF.PK.500.HI CHAINLINK INS HEX 500KG login to view prices or request a quote  
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