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Wire Brushes - Shaft Mounted
These Polyurethane encapsulated wire brushes clean coated metallic catalytic converters without causing damage.       

The Polyurethane makes the brush more rigid and therefore longer lasting, and is also a safety feature.
Wire Brushes - Wheels
Encapsulated Wire Brushes provide an aggressive cutting action for heavy deburring, surface blending, surface preparation, rubber and plastic flash removal, and weld preparation. The wires are bonded in place with a synthetic elastomer that wears away gradually during use, exposing a short length of the wires. Encapsulated brushes are most effective on relatively flat surfaces or where a controlled brushing surface is required.
Gentech offers a complete range of power brushes for Industrial use, including Wheel, End, Cup, Shaft Mount, and Tube brushes.   
Gentech Wire Brushes increase productivity by 25% or more, and are far safer than bare wires that... more»
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